Friday, September 25, 2009

On Creating New Possibility

The key here is to recognize that circumstances are your biggest adversary. As circumstances change, it goes without saying that possibilities will resonate those changes when one's consciousness is not up to a level of originality and creativity. It is agreeable to me to designate circumstances as fundamentally comprising a set. At some point, circumstances become irrelevant and valueless to enumerate. With respect to finite sizes of the set, it is important to see that the meta-set or super-set of circumstances is infinite, always changing, with a flow that can and will at times not repeat or overlap with previous sets. Such super circumstances will not resonate to any set of possibilities because the set of possibilities is entirely based on past responses foundationally and is finite, limited in terms of being a kind of referential database, kickstarting our best case scenario responses when circumstances dictate, for efficiency's sake.

When an original set of circumstances emerges, lower states of consciousness will employ simple denial to cope with the impasse. Evolved minds capable of originality, creativity, and receptivity based on the causal level are active at the meta level and have the ability to create possibility anew unencumbered and irrespective to any and all past possibilities as would be necessarily the case, necessary to keep 'the ball rolling' as it were.

To say that one possible response is just that, the ability to recreate one's moments and their possibilities as such is quite different than how your speaking. Such a response exists quite outside of any causal dependence or correlation to circumstance, but rather impact the wider field in which circumstance shows up in, on purpose, and paradoxically, sinse this level of possibility itself is unchangeable and never at effect, is causal and at source.

If i have this right, LOL. For me, language challenges my attempts to be rigorous about my understanding and knowledge of greater truth. Knowing the perfect clarity and stillness at the highest level of all truth and knowledge as unmanifest and unknowingness, is the ultimate expression of this difficulty, I find myself unable to do anything about it much other than dance around it. Higher levels of consciousness then do not respond but instead originate creatively with what appears to lower levels of consciousness as miraculous intervention or magical manifestations of help, etc.

Tantric Master - Barry Long

My inquiry into Tantra has not been very significant yet, except for the discussions I've participated on at OneTantra online. I was prepared to make a serious committment not too long ago to hands on training and study but my offer was not reciprocated properly or equitably by the instructor I contacted. NOW, one of the ladies at OneTantra mentioned Barry Long, which I spent a good deal of time last night briefly reviewing, when I ran into a wildly powerful teaching which was at the same time expressing much of the corruption which destroyed my relationship with the Fellowship of Friends Fourth Way School.

Additionally, I found years of blog posts, both praising and criticizing him. The manner in which he expressed himself was familiar to me as I read his words in a published interview with a journalist at an online magazine dedicated to enlightement and spiritual issues/teaching.

The egoistic lack of compassion and perversion he evidenced (2nd hand for me) said to me that there was a limit to his realization. This limit, this self-centeredness, was a mega contradiction to his teaching, something which was clearly echoed among his closer students' observations about how he would say one thing and do another. The response of course is no one can comprehend the behavior of a master, especially using ordinary social standards.

That's not going to fly with me, however, after reading quite a bit of him about his ideas and teaching, I cannot deny that I was left with a powerful impression regarding what he was offering in terms of a perspective on the relationship between men and women. Clearly, he made it up.  The thing I read which was the key to this was a statement regadrding how every 5 minutes men and women are constantly thinking about each other throughout the day. For him, this was something he expanded and USED to be creative regarding his higher realisations of mind.

I'm certain that there is a distinction between objective knowledge and subjective knowledge. What I've described here is a man who tasted objective states but returned to a very high subjective creative state and began to REASSEMBLE himself there. My bet is that his mechanics produced a continual stream of 'teaching' and because he was able to disentangle himself from that enough to gain some fairly distilled higher thought forms, his words began to ensare those listening like a web. The glue or stickiness came in the form of creating enough insightful space between his ideas that those listening were able to relieve themselves of useless suffering.

He assumes the title tantric master and yet it isn't at all clear whether he wasn't in fact harming more than he helped. The few nuggets I gleamed far underweighed the mass of red flags et al. I found opposing his legitimacy as a true spiritual teacher.