Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Inner Woman by Zulma Reyo

Just started this book by a female teacher, an outlier, not really connected with any traditional lineage of higher thought or conciousness, and I have really enjoyed her words I think most because of the harmony and resonance they express to the paradigm of 4th way thought by Gurdjieff.  The following is an excerpt from one of the first chapters of her book, The Inner Woman:
When you awaken to this state of the art through the right combination and exercise of feeling and reason, you can as a woman incarnate the Feminine Principle that contains the male as seed within. And men can embody the Male Principle, engulfing the female qualities around its power core. 
          ~ Reyo, Zulma (2012-09-18).

This passage is also very reflective of Taoism, repreenting fairly the symbol for the Tao.

I have been given a synthesis of previous teachings in the words of Zulma Reyo on the crest of the 3rd or 4th wave of feminism, it would appear. I'm concerned that I no longer have the energy reserves for following this, but with her book in hand I shall proceed, as much as on a daily basis to make progress in my reading.

This symbol representing western medicine is the other predominant brand for my life, tho it really needs to be modified and redesigned to reflect my role as patient with ESRF and CHF, rather than as a healer. Wouldn't it be great if I could reverse this situation from the shadow to the light source?

This is a photograph I took upon receiving my Canon in a UCSD class I was taking towards my certificate for Graphic Design and Web Design.  It is a picture of a comtrail from a jet which has somehow been disturbed creating this symbolic rendition of the two serpents facing each other which can be seen in the medical symbol above.  I thought it rather fateful and serendiptious, though there hasn't been much like this since then (10 years and counting) except the one night I stepped out of my room into the household hallway in the dark and on top of a serpent there (have you ever stepped on a snake in your bare feet?) which was my roommate's escaped pet waiting for me, why?  The symbology is deep and foretelling.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Goddess Relations

This is the year of the goddess, and already I've been given a fitting rejection by White Tigress Society, tantamount to being expelled or exiled from some social group. This one happen to be one dedicated to empowering women and I was merely voicing my challenge to the lack of balance and equity. They weren't having any of that, no. For them, the solution to the inequity today is to give women all the power. Anyway ... they did me a favor I think. They're not going to change for me only for them. As far as I can tell, they only want to use a man for his energy, and so the whole training they give a man is in support of his gift to them being realized, and nothing else, ha ha ha. No thanks.