Sunday, January 31, 2010

~Gaia has a Voice

I heard her whisper to me underground
down there where she grinds out a fertile
life, that exists at her teat, endlessly weak
She coaxes the spirit to find what's higher.

Gaia has a voice.

And its sound is pure honey, full and firey.
to that she adds Lunar howling in a circle
as Sol hides just over the horizon's stare.

About to sky dance rhythm in light and air
solar enlightens and flashes divine love, for
life's fragile existence, comes a voice above.

2/2010, rjduberg

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

~Liquid Rose of Being

Why do roses suffer the liquid of our being
so much we've grown yet so little sown
pining nature's story of pain.

And the beauty of the thorn seen in water
is made by the sight of its crown in blood.
The color is a match of hook and tackle.

My liquid rose to the lips where free.
What I don't drink falls to waste no place
One taste illuminates my shadow with grace.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

~In Light of Death

Shiva reminds us that nothing remains
except peace, love, and divinity, mysteries
outside the dominion of that destruction
where everything cycles in the end to begin.

Only man has this hint of possibility in him
A gift of being, in light of death, with divinity
balancing the ground of mystery to ascend
making liberty for consciousness, not death.

1/2010 revised

Sunday, January 03, 2010

~The Grand Canyon

What manner of fixity in pure liquidity
manages to descend into the ground?
From above, below is a vast specific
engineered from an endless source
and from all ways into living, one.

Shakes rattle the ground into slides
but life gives rise somehow, smiles
deliver what will never be known
seen on the horizon as the 10,000
and on wings they soar to the beat.

Her rise to Goddess decries a man
happened within the reversal then.
Intrinsic to beholding her beauty
defies any attempt to explain plain
the view while ascending creation.

1/2010, rjduberg

Saturday, January 02, 2010

~The Jig of History

Oh Goddess have patience
see film, inglorious bastards
brad pitt slays nazis
witten killers

The Jig heads the highway
angelic on the beach
makes no mistake
is higher

Enjoy self in moderation
work the shadow
heal the path

Don't forget posterity
USE a wicked wall
for the beyond

The Jig keeps the game afoot
from fades that recede
in ascending octaves
over time.

I know that I am worthless
call it the will to resist
affinity in conflict
or some such

Practical Magic?

1/2010 rjduberg