Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Found Poetry

There is an inmost centre in us all,
where truth abides in fulness,
and, wall upon wall, the gross flesh hems it in.
And to know rather consists in opening out a way
whence the imprisoned splendor may escape
than in affecting entry for a light supposed to be without. 


Thursday, July 03, 2014

Branding Wisdom

I'm a fan of the wisdom of the Tao. There is knowledge, and understanding that knowledge reveals its relative value. Wisdom is simply non-linear understanding that is operational on multi-dimensions. It is NOT omniscient nor anything finite but knowledge being expressed by being, characterizing its gestalt, as more than the sum, at best an homage to mystery and paradox. Finally, its essence, is the unfolding presence of being.
The Alo Drop

I'll leave this on your doorstep then, since you won't answer my call
a mind fuck is one whose utter remains still for only so long
and then in a confluence of events lets the utter slip, her purpose all along
now the fun has just begun, as she humiliates a man for being human
No shame for the lack of propriety, she's found her gilded horse
to make up for the white one, whose knight walked on premise
There's ignorance, naivete, and pretense; you see it around you all the time
What has ignited this anger flaming at your feet, is seeing it manifest
as a poison; harming trust, just because revenge picked your play today.

Her brand is euphemistic, adorned with echoes of great anticipation
and utterly false, meant to seduce a man into weakness, to die thereby
with uttering everything that tells him he failed her, and must pay like this
in every way that adds humility to his horror, for not having seen it coming.

7/2014, rjduberg