Sunday, July 02, 2017

~ Feeling the Falling

A poem seems such a little effort in contrast feels good enough huh?

Feeling the Falling

Is predatory flight
to polarity
    a prayer
mostly prey
    just falling kind    
    Rare exceptions make angels
A compassionate feature hidden
    by only a few degrees of velocity
    they lift consciously to fly
    where words heart felt
Whisper possibilities within
    to a wind that ascends
    falling turns this chime 
         into reeds sublime
         a wind swept mind

Judging the irony - oh what the hell
    every close inspection
    reveals truth spoken to power
    relevant for unspoken and kind
In another, that looks chaotic
    works in progress 
    require a little more
        patient understanding with love
        scrutinize the party
            if you please

© 7/2/2017 rjduberg