Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mental Illness Symptoms our President might have...

Certainly, those alleged symptoms could make sense as something else looking from another world view right? What does his ability to gaslight the media on a daily basis mean anyway. And, I'm still waiting for our nation's legal ethics eagles to rally themselves and impeach.

Something else to consider is the numerous reports of Trump in private setting and how the change of countenance which overtakes him is profoundly different and not narcissistic they say, hmmm? And ... I am also a devil's advocate, and think Trump is mentally ill as well, despite what I just said above.

He destroyed a third of our federal govt in less than 100 days. He's done more damage to the federal govt than any other individual has ever or ever could do. And, really, all we can do is breathe in deep, exhale calm waves back to the flux and open ourselves to the lesson being taught. What is that you might say? I don't know exactly. Give me some time, but for the moment there is present a stellar view into the a major imperfection in democracy, one that seems only to be growing larger. Will rational men still in power rally together and investigate the truth as well as punish anything treasonous they find.