Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cosmological Vibration Wave Form

A lot has happened since I last wrote last. I just reviewed the Teahupoo Big Wave Rides in slow motion. Aside from the purely aesthetic visual impression one takes in, from the cosmological perspective  (defined as an integration of everything inbetween the Highest and the Lowest), the wave is a terrestial form which is elemental and on a planetary level. Compared to what we normally refer to as vibration, which we energetically feel with frequencies and magnitudes orthogonal to the next higher octave, our planet. This is an example of cosmological perspective used as a context for making inter-level connectinos. I guess what made it really special was the gravity associated with the Teahupoo wave. Along with its extreme magnitude on its cosmological level, are the ordinary interference waves which are still clearly present, except that the influence from them is infinitesimal leaving one's focus PURELY on the IDEAL being manifested TEMPORALLY (also known as Temporary).

Another instance to illustrate or add another level's fractal piece to the IDEAL can be witnessed in nuclear fission/fusion. Now there is another elemental wave form, cosmologically on a level higher than the planetary, which is our sun. YET, nevertheless, part of logic is the categorical connections, categorical meaning unique and unitary. In this case we're talking about vibration and wave forms, and I can think of no better fractal or cosmological angle than teahupoo's waves (vibrations) which belong to our planet to express difference in order of magnitude. Same thing, Vibration, can express itself quite unique different between orders of magnitude. The question then is what is it that allows us to make these abstract connections which give us leverage cosmologically? Called As Above, so as Below.

So back to your reply...  Put her words in perspective because she certainly isn't doing much contextualizing of her remarks. Why is that important? Part of the focus that is achieved by including the context for your words, just immediately means enhanced understanding and a decreased incidence of interpretative work required. Thus one speaks English as a rule here in America, and Spanish in Mexico. Ok, you say fine, as obvious as your example was isn't Love just as obvious and the proper perspective for her statements?

Well if it was, she made an awful lot of judgements about it didn't she. And, I assert dualistic reasoning is like that, in which someone creates a shadow to their presence and expression. Maybe you don't feel it, but when I was reading what she wrote, I actually felt a weight or pull from below having to do with part of the context present which is not Love but Dualism. That level of intellectual thinking and awareness, and the things she said only really matter if you're resonant with being told the way YOU ARE YOURSELF by mistake, your mistake. The truth of Love is that it exists on a higher level.

This capacity we have for our higher selves to actually meet our lower selves decently and gracefully is where all twisted knots in one's baggage get resolved and undone. That is just another way of describing non-dual awareness and thought. It's all about being with the shadow of dualism in order to integrate the opposition.

The conclusion here is hopefully not being overstated. Your Gal's words represent a mental angle in which one's relationship to love by virtue of one's expressing oneself tenatively, reflects a work in progress in search of true self-respect and sovereignty. When one finds the truth of one's sovereignty (ask me how one does that?), the language one uses UNFOLDS and like a flower blossom, is LOVE expressing ... well, the existence of true love. As often heard associated to Zen, those who don't know speak, those who know keep silent.

- Part of an email response to my friend Colleen.