Sunday, March 11, 2012

Theme of an Ocean

A cold desolate beach
Romantic memory laden
Shamelessly irrisistable 
dealing on heat changed
A lot - depending on the light.

All the rough shod traveling
Comes to an end here, still
Alone with Imperial Beach
When I'm ill at best, quiet.

Unchangingly calm & clear
Star light sees stardust
Looking at us rabble rouses
A curiosity of mysteries
And a spectacular attitude.

Sunday, March 04, 2012


There are a lot of different stories out there, narratives which define and express who we are. Some promote happiness, others are mum; but the story does not evoke or produce the reality every person longs for since birth. And until a man decides to free himself and choose wisely what his story says, these narratives are insidious in the way they entrap and enslave men in what has been the only hell I've ever seen. What could be worse, than cut off, spun out, and oblivious to one's possibilities to ascend and evolve happy? So, that said, I want to take a stab at this idea of the highest state we are forever pursuing whether we acknowledge it or know it, but would be happy to if the idea were real and realizable. Moving mountains was never a concern when man's mind is made up and then dies.

The primary problem is being connected consciously to a purpose larger than oneself. Good ideas, wisely understood and followed, nevertheless is not alive, and our aliveness demands a transcendent exchange to being in relationship to all that possibility which exists as yet a mystery for us.

Consciously knowing this is the proper place to start, and then the real test begins as we grind out a space of vision in which the opportunity may finally arise such that we have enough time and energy to connect before the moment expires.

In fairness to wisdom's principle of balance and harmony, its necessary to say that the process includes failure which one experiences as perhaps the epitome of personal hell, and at best a return to darkness. No fun, and often the precursor to a man's relapse and slip back into a state of sleep.

Friday, March 02, 2012

The Beauty of the Mind its inherent ability to partition experience, codify, and language it, resulting in possibilities one imagines despite all opposition. C-All for our potential of conscious evolution, conscious effort, conscious suffering, and conscious ascension. There is joy in recognizing that seed in one's field of awareness for what and how it is the best feature of our being but paradoxically the beauty of the mind as our personal warden whose capacity to keep us asleep is both real and an illusion. Is it our addiction to the dreams which clouds the way above? How can we step outside of the domain to prepare a higher integral including what's missing, leaving nothing out?