Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Soo ... What did you do today?

From time to time I have to revisit the web's hellacious evil core, not because I'm stupid. I'll have you know that I kept my ground and gave away no ghastly clicks, but going back to the killing fields of the web was truly time consuming and all I have to show for it is an upset stomach, hunger, a little uptick in my wisdom perhaps for refamiliarizing myself with the Trickster's and their content, their pitches, and the reality and truth of what I can only describe as GOD FORBID predatory manipulation and nonsense which by design is a linguistic net that'll steal your life from you. 

I'm less furious about this condition today than ever before but I don't recall seeing this black evil cancer growth in the web ever more sophisticated, effective, and well better designed to capture those who still do desire by temptation. 

I know all my buttons, and I know the principle themes that everyone's buttons branch from. What I found today echoes something I'm seeing in the mainstream as well and even more powerfully in our government today which is a drama designed to generate fear and tension in the listener due to certain deeply embedded beliefs which are still unconscious for us and active and yet allow us to be manipulated into pawns and Matrix power hook ups.

Every once in awhile it is educational however to jump in the stream leading down to where the falls drop into a dark hellacious killing field and just remind oneself of the accoutrement and why these ploys work to hook decent people into scams and lies which ultimately achieve nothing more than a ever widening disempowering rip off. 

One of the characteristics that popped up again for me was a certain style of PITCH now a full level above where it used to be in terms of type design and all the nifty and good design features available for great visual texting now applied to the bizarre pitch, a script that just goes on in a seemingly unending recybling of CREATE TENSION, REPEAT MANTRA OF PRODUCT SOLUTION, CALL IDIOT TO CLICK ACTION... then begin whole cycle over again...I've seen the same format and style now expressed so widely across so many different venues and authors that I'm concerned there isn't a real frickin evil demoned out there having his way with people and channeling his evil genius through them once they sign away there souls. 

Anyway ... I need to shake off these weebie jeebies and get something fresh to chomp on.  Hope I don't have to do this little tour of the reality of evil on the web again.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Good Time to Rest...

My spiritual wish for liberation and my attendant activity of researching possibilities and associated texts and philosophies has expanded to an ongoing 24/7 level, as of late. I am in need of some basic pacing though within this new level, as my health has deteriorated and I have new aches and pains that showed up just today, I think, from too much sitting on my butt.

I am progressing and growing and yet never fast enough or high enough. I still suffer a lack of clarity or focus to my practice (intentionally) keeping several different disciplines actively in mind these days. At some point, this hyper cross referencing analysis would be really nice to let go of in favor of simple calm abiding, perhaps.

Of course, it would also be very nice if USA's congressional government would get their heads out of their butts too, before the nation is thrown into a wicked collapse on the global markets.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

On The Heels of Stephanie

It's been a very strange couple of last days, which has seen an ongoing olfactory halluncination of sorts which evokes a supernatural feminine feeling and given my current focus on the Tantra Deities, most of them female goddesses, and how to recreate them along with my research telling me essentially that this is the one part of Tantric Practice I had missed, in effect pulling my old tricks of clairvoyance as I was already in the process of doing this research when I discovered the central aspect of the practice being to PLAY the part, to channel the energy, being, deity, goddess, whatever.

Well, along with this smell of wicked feminine sex, has been my invitation for it to come in. And so, I'm not sure what is really going on. But for sure, Stephanie has simply stopped communicating now for over 2 months, afgter promising me that she would never do that. And I took her word, because I thought it meant something.

No wonder I'm getting lots of attention from above, because this kind of thing used to just ruin me, and it should of this time around as well, but somehow it hasn't, and my focus and energy have risen not decreased. And, I get these inhalations of such pungent fragrance like I've never ... and nobody else seems to notifce So I kindof have just been wading through it, but this blop post puts an end ot all of that.

So, back to the grind and feeling like I'm on a 70s Acid trip ...

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Friday, July 01, 2011

In Memory of a Muses

There is rather, a newness, surreal and fragrant
interacting through the silence of my last love
my loss, my muse, brought a knot in my mind
I've been tied with over time, fitted in a bind
to overcome only by a long time-worn fashion.

This newness is everywhere, a flashing acid trip
the world itself reeks of a goddess' olfaction
and that accompanies, hails breeze of feeling
a roaring current, moving, chest pounding
a rolling attention and presence, conflagrant.

Inhaling her, I cannot deny her presence here
relief exchanged for my sorrow and fear, such
nothing left to react to her and ultimate power
I could not have born if my muse were nearby
now exhausted, inviting the goddess her reigns.

© 7/2011 rjduberg