Sunday, June 20, 2010

...Taste the Divine

5...Taste the Divine

Once you separate enough to choose the wine
with the knowledge you earned, in the grind. Learn
depths, escape traps, feed the kind, love, the pain...
Invent yourself, the sublime, the surreal, synchronize.
Remember everything radiates a consuming flame.
Seek eternity within, enter, have courage, a heart.
If we never meet in person, keep trying - love.

When Irishmen Play Golf...

In 2010, G McDowell, won the USOPEN at Pebble Beach. It was amazing to watch. Imagine the joy at seeing your very small community's champion dominate the world, in a match where nature gets the leading role?

It was enough of a charge, that the usual drama I hear during the day from others lost its footing and place, and mattered least of all. Not too say there wasn't a lot of shouting about it, but that's the beauty of writing, not that I and advocate text, but since texting for decades already, I know when and when not to is how to roll.

The point of vibrational evolutionary acuity has got the stage.

Jivana finally delivered a rough draft of her narrative, and now as if the drama couldn't have gotten any bigger watching the USOPEN, I have a formal crit against my drama...and I'm supposed to do what?        haha  ... having fun in the sand in Imperial Beach and now I'm smarmy somehow ... hmmmm?

I guess I just have too much fun for some. And for the rest, I'm sorry if I come across outraged, mad, odd or what...

Monday, June 07, 2010

... In Blinks

4 So much matters,
the clogs of life, hike a homey
his cost for high, astronautic
no comps on this level
his walk up starts
before sunrise
make a Jesus
in blinks.

copyright © 6/2010 rjduberg

... Ignorance Unground

3 So much matters, life clogs a homey's high here
no focus and our intellectual reasons collapse
focus of flatland, I say; to the fellows of the hordes
prepare n pay for cliff notes, all the time, or fail
while i disappear behind a veil you think is noise
even as many play this longfast i know, unseen
when you remember yourself totally new, a state
where everything plays a part with parts
rhetoricizing, at least twice, or more
time stops in play of quantum classic
Intellect of scale is only access
to all probability...

Conserving one's energy in reverse induction
and essence of notion is that time is countable
in the same way diversity, ultimately manifests.
Without being able to understand man misses
integrity of his relativity to the purpose unseen.

Ways and means we find, in time, not within
Calculus moves mind to infinity and eternity
maybe exists, perhaps, mistakes made here?
Most mistakes happen in parallel, to alertness
It is no mistake that the less you listen a ...
Having fun depends on knowing cosmos
and being a sun doesn't limit evolution,
unlike suggestion intellect retards, witcha
though oblivious will NOT believe, logic
saves time, including all possibility, cognition
simplified, no conflict, conscious ma(r)king
not desire alone, does ignorance ungrind.

COPYRIGHT © 6/2010 rjduberg

Note: Can you imagine a real goddess and being unable to live your life? Funny how it happens all the time, badly acted, in dreams, people act this way and are NOT awake while some get phase to awake ... punk called 911, said The future blightest, gonna kill myself, of open insanity" 911 asks what band? The Doors, said the punk. She will speak about the Work, and wait, after sending you on your way.

... Live As King

2 Can she continue with the world on her shoulders
and remember me, our sweet embrace, ecstasy?
Would I be patient, was her reply, then long time
became a way of life, a freight train running wild.
Here in the quiet within the sphere, drawn sublime
where I wait, blessing stillness for her, I live as(king.

COPYRIGHT © 6/2010 rjduberg

Sunday, June 06, 2010

... A Taste Divine

I chose to sleep in this morning, but upon arising found your reply.
And upon reading it with noon's dry heat in a full dense harangue
Begun, a day like this, yet did I find some wet do from this rhyme -
Still droplets holding on to a sphere wherein their essence shines.
A deeper reflection than even they know or witness through time
    now may the do wet the consciousness from which it sprang
    condensing on this mind like encrusted jewels, come to remind.
For this, I bow, and give thanks for the grace, with a taste divine.

COPYRIGHT © 6/2010, rjduberg

Saturday, June 05, 2010

~ Fragments Dropped in Rain

In the end, there is only one need you see
value separated from trash, Self Remember
while death courts you by your crash cart
know it will be impossible for most to pass
It remains the biggest stumble how few listen
relative truth changes only to finish one's little...

© 6/2010, rjduberg

~Jobbing After Hours

Oh I look, inward, to shore
to remind the mind its time
my threats turn in a score
for the light, not the darkness
stuck in illusion I think real
afraid, I may wish to escape
but remain confined in lies.

It's right here, I sleep the most.
The dream matters all the less
if dreaming keeps us distracted
with a space made for comfort
where belief is not questioned.

I've sat long and want to feel
beyond all issues of integrity
what actually makes a source
- a balance never understood
or the fundamentals to begin
multi-dimensional streaming.

Think of conscience finally
As our special capacity to be
with the totality of our being
fragments scattered to the wind
with our work aim set to unify.
Finding we are not that, not this.

In that wide and deep, emptiness
continues the chance for answers
where nothing ever has the buzz
I'm looking beyond horizons for
I just swear by profit that's fair
so I can sup in stillness and care.

© 6/2010, rjduberg

Making the Separation

I'm finding ways to seize my awareness on separate parts of my being. The secret to it seems to be developing at least one neutral ongoing higher aim which can somehow be kept active collecting portals to fashion up the lack of integrity with the innocence of starting anew in the question over being confused on how.

I am bubbling over with disappointment over being unable to empower a response by my muse to write some poetry with new purpose. It's all about revealing quiet within subtly, and I'm not even in the ball park yet I don't think.

Word of Lord Pentland

Inwardly as I follow the questions and look for answers, there is a new alignment possible. That's always been my experience. Man, woman, and child all suffer from this essential condition in the beginning, where one's being unified is a lie and false, and illusion of our own design to hide.

I am slowly resurrecting some positive feeling for the work of the fourth way and it must be said undoubtedly Lord Pentland is the fault.

The biggest shift in understanding I have gone through recently now has to do with Self-Remembering being quite misunderstood in general, I am definitely developing a 'taste' for. The second issue which is entirely new for me has to do with my appreciation and insight into the essence of my attention. So many, fragments remain in my daily flow and beyond. Anytime, like just now when I completely lost hold of the thread of my higher consciousness while awakening, falling to sleep ... I've spent many years getting used to this idea, being open and humble in relation to it, letting go of my inhibitions regarding lustfulness.

My insights today regarding understanding being higher when expressed in the negation within the dichotomy. Thus, being aware of your lack of understanding is actually a higher form of understanding because of its transformational power fo completing the polarized circuit for its integrity.

The work now emerges as intentionally remembering myself to first and above all BALANCE the higher subtle and vital energies of my being on which I depend on my sanity.

In closing this entry, I will be refocusing my attention on poetry of at "the cage-unhitched" and I've got the next two days to quietly explore things further, thank you universe, for that!