Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Make You Famous ...

Hearing this draws the attention by importance. There are other quarters to be drawn ... but it's important ... Why does that word itself create a pull on one's attention? There is a measure there that if satisfied produces a definitive level of happiness in life. 

I think one of the most important things in this life has to do with our faith and the degree of understanding we have about faith. What is it? Why is it? What difference does it make?

For me, faith allows me to withstand the force of scepticism which is a tsunami needing a bank for the original question(s) to be fully addressed and explored. Faith allows me to continue against the odds and my own comprehension but only for the highest good and the highest knowledge and understanding. It can be really hard somtimes that demand we go past any previous point of effort, or we're simply lost and unsure or oblivious to which direction to take and/or how to take it. Faith allows me to leap, not that that is always or even rarely necessary. It has occurred and I found faith I didn't know I had at the time, fortunately.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Poetry Revised

The Talent is the Call

Bringing light into the world making possibility
for the sun's call to be heard and answered
without condition but with full recognition, love
and a talent that makes miracles like this world.

Nobody blames her, life thrives more than not.
Of that, I believe we are akin to moon shadows
Her talent is a world that loves her still, so well
even while not knowing, their being is her calling.

If I have a soulmate then as much as you, her.
And if I am sideways with you, then with her
while the weather will roar in darkest chaos
Even Gaia cannot stand love that is wasted.

Being a man requires ultimately to fight for love
against the unbearable thoughts of negation.

The cost skyrockets after so many declines
and nothing good comes in that descent.
Gaia tells me the same, a brother as well
Skewed is a little town I'm accused of visiting
when the descent bankruptcy begins to win.
This ONE TIME, my star will not so decline.
And, continue to shine, despite the wind's blister.

© 4/7/2016 revised
2-17-2011 rjduberg

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Imperial Beach's Mayor, Surfer with the Wave of the Day

My Family Hubris

I still think boyish thoughts when it comes to my mother, after some 50 odd years. It's true that I still love her today like I loved her when I was a child. I still feel the same dependence from my gut, still expect to receive a soothing hand and voice for whatever bothersome nag has wrestled me down. Other family members don't like to see or deal with this and can only criticize me for being immature and in their eyes taking advantage of my mother's generous love.

The latest developments have presented me with an unbridaled passion for railing against this relationship I have with my mother. My sister and my mother's SO give me no more room alongside my elderly mom. I wish I had more wits and resources about me, instead of suffering such an outlandish disease in a legacy from dear old Dad. In the meantime, they both give me grief to no end.