Saturday, February 18, 2017

Taking Pause for a Self-Reflective Sharing Update

What is the heart of empathic response, the ability to walk in another person's shoes, to appreciate their perspective, world view, conditioning, habits, linguistic development, their intellectual depth and critical reason, not ot mention all the pathologies of life, the trauma, child wounds, etc., etc., all these things weave together to form a veil we call life. The weave forms around a principle we call relativity. Now the question seems to me to be on what gradients can relative truth aka life according and occuring to the individual be understood on a vertical axis as both higher and better.

For me, this possibility shows up as a function of consciousness, and to Art's credit regarding liberating ourselves from unconscious weaves we've picked up since birth, slipping those chains through an act of consciousness, I have found supports an expanding consciousness which in turn provides a far greater space for one's perspective to unfold. The first principle of consciousness then, would be a work in progress that could be characterized as a process of unfolding. Nothing is static and yet we are only beginning to recognize the difficulty our language has in communicating this element of truth, but in that struggle our consciousness ascends/increases in power and in its overall appreciation those perspectives which we still contain remaining in the shadowy corners of our minds, but when triggered often create much discord and conflict due to not yet being given a thorough examination for whether they are for instance old school flatland legacies with a closeminded self-righteousness or they have begun to transform into progressive evolving increasingly encompassing and embodied IDEAS which we come to experience as sensations and not just the static conceptual language by which our psychologies associate to.

To this end for instance, my preference for my own wiggle room within my own perspectives is at once an unfolding humility which transcends my ego in a conscious embrace of the mysterious and ineffable. So it is, that I offer my perpectives not as inviolate fortifications, but my own conscious work that I am prepared at any moment to let go of, for love's sake, if presented with another perspective more consonant with my intuitive insights and yet not limited to needing such inspiration to change.

There remains to some extent a need to bring others up to greater heights in the possibilities surrounding them if only because I have crossed certain thresholds in which communication with another forms something of an anchor for and empowerment as well for my choice of perspective. My experience has been that it is far more satisfying to share a perspective (always in progress) in which harmony, and far deeper dimensions of love are accessible. Such perspectives though require a mutality of commitment and devoted reverence to properly gain the kind of relief one might imagine.

The conclusion here remains though that everyone is right from their own particular point of view, given a sufficient critical facility of reason and unobstructed unoppressed relations in the world. The differences that can be made are all varying degrees of distinct perspectives one might find consistently and coherently mapped out on say a Wilberian AQAL model.

Thanks for listening dudes/dudettes