Monday, August 18, 2014

Celebrating a New Donor online today with stories partying with Death

Alright now! This party is startying to swing into a real party gear!!! Since I've been on a bit of an extended break here of late, but have definitely come back prepared to parrrrrrrrrtayyyyyyy!!! Let me all entertain you with this first dance step I like to call ....

Huhhhhhhh???? (referring to Nancy's query to explore statements I've made about death .. I think...?? Not so sure.)

Paging NGR, tell me she hasn't left the party everyone, cause if there is one thing I've learned over the last month's detour which took me a real time and fashion closer to death than perhaps since '97 (don't you just love those 5 star stays at the local hospital? ooooh) ... it is that preparation for my death was not some wishful thing to say but rather a stark reality of life that being, who of us can even claim their ready regarding the event of which the most fundamental mystery of life exists in order to that she may always one heartbeat away from transforming herself all anew!!

So, raising myself off the dusty floor after that first doozy of a step let's all look to see what the questions we have about death are. I know Jivana's everyone ggl ... it's never changed and it is simply the question of whether or not we will transcend death on the physical plane and even more boldly she wants to know why the present isn't sufficient in the larger cosmological scale of things. Give her all a hand for having a clear vision and purpose relative to death on top of which she claims the mantle against the very adversarial nature which death has eternally inspired. This question whch to some extent lives in every man's heart that ever lived, she drags up into the spotlight and claims NOW as never before. I have always been so inspired by this level of courage and clarity expressed by her on the matter. I'm not so sure that I'm ready to discard the mystery yet though which I'm quite sure would need to be dislodged if her intention and desire were to finally submit to her charge.

OK then? Next question ... what's up with being alive on this physical plane in the first place anyway? And why am I sooooooo attached to a life that in the larger order of things appears to be analogous to living in the basement of the mansion we know as the Universe? This leads to a very cogent line of study and undersanding if one pursues it with the right spirit, that is as an opportunity to begin the preparation for the big mystery before it has even thought about you for its next show. For me this is as close to defeating the mystery as I have considered possible. To bring what ever is behind the veil back and out from under the mystery the veil presents for us, if only within myself even. Such esoteric adventure somehow gives meaning and purpose to what would otherwise be a rather pathetic cluster phhuck of an experience in which at best one pays homage to the awesomeness of higher physical realms and the beings who dwell there like our own very beautiful Gaia. 

You haven't lived until Gaia serves you up for a special ride on local Eagle of Spirit's back of consciousness, and just within the balanced gravitational vortex where the Sun and moon sit facing oneanother at that moment along her onw horizone EM-Cing the whole affair with their bodies of light refraction and production which alone are mysterious enough if not for how simply elegant and beautful as one can imagine the show of light in the universe can get for us microbes running around here at this basement level.  
Make a long story short. One can imagine death but there really is no substitute for having one's physical being actually take a unscheduled trip to Death's hilltop mansion, one of which he calls Sharp's Hospital of Chula Vista. One doesn't visit such portals on purpose but requires an invitiation by Death itself in order to get the very audacious and glammed 911 convoy ride ... a huge 10 man team with multi vehicles which arrives waking the entire surrounding community of your subsequent destination and appointment. The mysterious, not to be denied however for those so "fortunate to get such passage and priviledge early per their own needs as I have just done" leaves those us having gotten such red carpet treatment cold if not colder than we could have imagined before hand. 

In fact, I was given several more invitations over the last month, guessing Death for some reason finds me a challenge or in some perverted way fun as I dare to see over my own care even while everyone else submits the finality of it or just don't care enough anymore. But I, having spent an extended weekend at his mystery table ... can share only nightmarish proceedings which took place on schedule, and have become my new modern definition for torture. Ask me for the details, if your feeling dullish and I'll speak of pain and insanity in a way to guarantee your next morning will come with a flourish and a purpose not to miss a single moment of its Goodness. The Badness on that hill was around every corner and as I said waking me up on the hour every hour with its literal pain devices at the ready to be deployed all over again. 

So it was that when I was able to flee that harrowing place, I decined the 911 festivities twice afterwards and replied that I needed nothing more than my own schedule and my own protocols of torture (though I don't consider them as such, however I have been repeatedly admonished by some to whom I submit my notes about it to...LOL) Anyway ... it gets even better but I am waning a bit now and don't want to be the one who posted the KILLER posts which brought down the site of LinedIn altogether one fateful night. Yep I'd much rather play hooky and dance just beyond Death's reach, teasing him rather than submitting to his authority and unmistakeable sadistic pleasures.

So, in accordance with our focus forwith let my question be for now if it is at all possible to radically transform the last protocol before Death's mysteries to remove all the torture and painful disintegrations within bodilywise for something far more gentler and refective of our own personal desires???'

OK with the literary fun I hope ... I will still wait and do look forward to NGR's input on the matter and getting to hear all that she as to say. And a really huge Bow and thank you to all who've particpated on this thread for my support, especially for Jivana's magnificent leadership in creating it.

And lastly of course, for Sharon Brooks, the living donor I who came to me after reading all about my need here, and who promises to be as vital as they come today. Tomorrow of course we shall see what we shall see, so this show isn't quite over yet for those thinking the dimming lights this last month was a sure sign of it LOL.

So keep tuned ... There will be nothing more satisfying than to tap out a final chapter here after reinstalling some functional hardware and having my body begin to purr and humm again with a level of vitality some 4 times or even more than what it has been for me for the last 3 years. And in the meantime, I hope you don't find these "plays" and their topics too far off the mark or difficult for you to digest.

While I'm here (in this state) why would I even begin to think of not staying committed to my daily practice of raising my consciousness and ongoing understanding of what works and doesn't work to manage that well. It sure beats imagination as one's resource for these matters.

In closing, let me drop the bomb that's been begging to be dropped exactly here. I may play and have fun about this and do so using old associations which I share with probably a vast majority of you reading my fanciful notions on the subject here, but the crucial distinction I want to emphasize is that I am actually celebrating an event of personal verification in relation to my death. Can or how many of the rest of you can claim that? I assert very few indeed. So far none of you from what I've seen. Everything you know of Death is a matter of imagination and nothing more.

I'll speak to this again later, but am at the end of partying tonight ... xoxo to all you peeps ... you know who you are!!! LOL 
Talking about Leadership as spoken about by Erhard ... 

I quoted him as saying, "Leaders do not act from a plan, but plan from their action. The planning is really a conversation which gives other people access to the possibility to which you are committed."  The following is my latest post to a circle of interested systemic thinkers which as a conversation is based on this quote by Erhard:

Apologies for not responding sooner, I was otherwise occupied with a severe health issue which seems to be ebbing with a proper recovery now better each day. So many divergent angles and interpretations, exciting; and all very good observations. I've become accustomed to Erhard speaking with about as rigorous a commitment to revealing the exact distinction desired that I ever recall or know of. However, this one as some have pointed out seem to be taken out of context and in the act some damage has done to what ordinarily one always finds in Werner's work and that is an equal attention given to context. I'm going to take some liberty here to extend some substance for the purposes of this conversation directly into seeing the context for now as a model for leading others. I recall years ago when he firsts began the est training his rather unsophisticated  statement on leadership took the form of: A leader is the guy at the front of the line. So, if you want to be a leader in life, go to the front of the line.

Hard to argue with then but within the context of systems thinking, with such magnificient ideas and notions such as attractors for instance, but otherwise founded on principles we have forged over the years and now come to depend on as matter of fact as part of the quiver of anyone who is seen as a true modern leader of in life. For instance innovation ... going to the front of the line is the act of a bully not an innovator.

The quote for me is a comment about the paradigm of leadership which is possible and emergent today. The first context which appears for me in his quote is that leadership is an ontological reality one must come to terms with first in order to understand the possibilities or as Werner would put it the possibility of possibilities within leadership as it shows up for us in our experience moment to moment and not as collection of notions with correlating data and "science" organized for someone's new attempt at a doctorate. So, it is with Werner that his work and his expression of that work while providing for mastery in the world of phenomena really is focused in the world of ontology.

Peeling away a layer now to say a little about what he seems to be saying ... leadership opens possibilities actively by contextualizing their views of possibiiliteis relative to job at hand by engaging with what is not being listened to in their conversations about what by  default gets to be effective prescriptions but stale and static compositions. Keeping this awareness for its own sake produces an opening in conversation for the SYSTEM (all those involved or desired to be involved) access and be accessed together as a conversation which is an evolution over the notion of someone pointing with everyone else following that given mandate. He's transformed the ACT of leading into a conversation in which everyone's lead is accessible and lightening can strike at any point or moment in time.

Time to take a breath and ponder how much resistance may show up over the suggestion that in the paradigm being presented on leadership, the old sructure of following another is no longer relevant or operational. For myself, I see it as master stroke, resolving so much of the noise and clangor that went along with the real time missions aimed at making systemic change, through managerial input. All that is tranformed in the individual's perception with his being recognized as the real attractor, one that together with the rest ontologically speaking is the systemic underpinning accerssible to leadership and the only one really that counts when thinking about this sytemically.

yes? no? maybe?