Saturday, October 31, 2015

More on Intro to Journal

Oct 30, 2015    -     Journal Startup
(Creative Statement - Hanz Pen TC titles, optima pro footnote, Sathu)
This is the official kick off. I am sliding on my ass into home, bringin it to you and in you in me.  There have been so many different enlightenments and this journal is being undertaken not only to allow others to understand these skews in life and above but to hopefully not forget this myself. Many things have already happened, even while I am habitually the last one to get anything, I can be very slow in the uptake. The first thing I want to talk about are semantics with an aim for you to not just get what its about, but to actually shift in such way your study of semantics will extend in this moment into your life and inform you as you relate what is occurring in ways unseen by others but nonetheless a great benefit to them. Making this happen in you - is my current semantics project. Dedicated entirely in having you be fully you, independently; but, I understand how bored I am with this narrative so have patience with me since I'm really pullin up roots and stakes and preparing take ride towards and maybe through to the other side. Not trying to escape my life, or my karma, or any personal obligations. I fully intend to remain here and available as I continue to make my way towards the exit, LOL

To accomplish this you’ll see me keep a running total or summary like this:

1. Making This Happen in You []: A semantics overview of dynamic narrative invention.  By getting into the specific details of how we speak, how we commuicate what we speak or how we speak, semantics will expand as  dynamic field of meaning itself as connections between how we communicate and what we communicate continue to accumulate and set themselves against and with one another. The result of having a full functioning AND dynamic cognitive lexicon along with its unique and constantly modified parlance, has mostly to do with, the eventual realization that with the expansion of our semantics connection came some greater access to higher conscious dimensions of being. This starts first with connections being unitary, then comes binary, dualism and dichotomies. Up until this place, it was in general as simple as only flatland can be, boring, static. Every subtle possibility that lived for some but not all, in relation to any new obeject or idea, the desire was mangled and twisted with every new nuanced version of the first, and we have endeavored to record as much ass possible and keep it organized  Values begin here but what this primarily is a record of is my giving you models of exchange and improvisation which communicate the dynamic not the format or form. What gets things happening in this paradigm have nothing to do with recording however; and THAT IS THE MAIN REASON TO ESTABLISH THE INSTITUION. An organization dedicated to keeping my research and other more serious activities in order, clean, and safe. 

1.  Making This Happen in You! - Code book regarding

2.  Maintaining my Self inwardly Without

     Employing intermissions and breaks to take  care of obligations.  Timed Structure and interval. Focus shifts into MAINT paradigm where obligations concerning the body and its needs.

3.  What Matters?

     My breakthrough with Alison’s crude, fashionable but pedestrian, sexist joke, and its innocence constrained by peer pressure, neurosis, and illness; issues forth...
    The primary difference in pinning down intent, allowed me to shift my focus from a decidedly unattractive result to feminine karma. Move to humor.
    Aley sun’s joke was from, and founded on a youthful parlance I couldn’t hear or begin to appreciate by reading a transcript of her self-expression.
    Trust demands that I listen and find in my listening that view where what is occurring feels reliable, and deserves to have emphasized principle at least. It's at this time, intimacy happens and other very positive alchemistries.

4.  The Riddle - Value Narration to What Matters ;-)

     This riddle is not semantic/auditorial, and its humor is pulled from my breakthrough in understanding my niece Aley sun. 
     Where she spoke in order to make fun of a sexist aspect to one of her age group’s memes, she left out names and focused on shining light.
     Her result was something of a riddle hiding various views with respect to subtle shifts away from the general into the shadows we find.
     Studying and being deeply involved, wherever; creates risk of having such logic dominate, become active on its own without notice.
     Like being lipsynched by one of a band of drunken children over to sleepover which you expect will be anything but as promised.

Fuckin List

1. Making This Happen in You!
2. Making Myself inwardly with out.
3. What Matters.
4. The Riddle.

Intermission/Break current STOP

Section 2    (Imagined Possibilites)
Organize/Keep your lists - Constructs your Book/Narrative
Making Teamwork - Collaboration
Moving to Location that works
Incubation -  Synthesizing Brand, strengthening weave and interconnectedness


Section 3    (Imagined Possibilities 2)
What you don’t know but will learn - New Knowledge
Orchestrating Climax - Relationships
Emergency Medicine

Section 4    (Deeper Layers Paradigm)
Zone Consciousness

Projects:    Evolve Social Network (Test case: new masculinity group in fB) Coding, Programming,
                   Write My Book, First Book (Medicine, Meditation, Philosophy, Music, Poetry, Dance, Fiction)

PrincipleEliminate Instant Gratification. You have to stop instant gratification from influencing or changing one’s behavior.
    In order to build anything of value and esteem of and in one’s life, we pursue goals in the future. The implication is that higher and better gratification can be had indirectly but not instantaneously. The modification of one’s desires must be complete and thorough with Yogic precision and power dynamically holding space. You work and play and rest by first working to organize these paradigms, working/acting in them, enjoying and observing relevance.
Journal Intro
Next generation Humor

Yesterday, I got in a tussle with Alison, due to my not having much listening for her generation I guess. 20 years old, studying at NYU, which is kind of in the rough part of town (it might be??), carries on with her friends in an overexaggerated Goth, "Don't fuck with me!" act.  Girl has some rather Ironic elements forming her narrative to be sure. Anyway, I finally realized after getting some advice from online, that I missed her joke, which could be determined by how everyone was speaking to a different Alison. They were agreeing but they weren't. Well, I had been so jaded by the content and how sexist and ill it was I was missing those other in retrospect rather loud signals to put some attention on it, but I didn't. So it wasn't until someone got really up into my face that I had enough anchor to look more deeply at what I thought I had nailed down. 

Clearly, I have a lot to learn on keeping open. Working on one's beliefs is and uberimportant achievement worth more than the vast majority of other important goals.  Well, I can feel myself digressing so I'll skip to the end and just report that despite any negative assessment Alison has about me, at least my opinion of her had jumped signficantly, I no longer am worried about her attitude (thank god for that ), and all the other concurrent and symbioltic values in my being tho maybe some distance from the epicenter of this latest confusion on my part. 

Today, John is 62, I think. Our sister responded to my reminder by saying, "So What."  She's signaling to me that it's OK for me to NOT care for our brothers. She's doing that unique sense of humor pretending to be negative but simply covering up some rather long term ambivalencies where are brothers are concerned. That was yet another wake call, in which I was surprised by the way she's always been about our brothers before??  No reason for her to change now and in fact, she remained in character.  But only last night did I taste how bitter it is.

I thought she and I were succeeding in clearing our relationship as of late. And while the truth is I love my sister, when things get this wonky I'm convince time is short and maybe even already gone. 

Started really enjoying writing and spent the entire night gambling and writing, gambling and writing, no sex, no fun, no rock n roll, and no woman. I'm beginning a journal I hope will morph itsrelf into a bestseller someday. I'm still scanning my own desire and where I want to place my attention. But if i'm loyal to writing in it, It should be a very interesting memoir.

Morning is getting pretty hot and slim.