Sunday, February 21, 2010

~Slowly Loquacious

The vortex of illusion
a home filled with rubbish
uninspired, lost in debt.
tales retold by a dumbass.

Looking over this refuse
I am a path living in vibe
giving manner that's gold
in lightless light's beam.

Now free to breathe me...
world hails a slight breeze
of outward illuminating
to rain of peace and love.

Nothing to gain, yet brings
moments connecting one
to ink scrawled in alpha
made slowly loquacious.

2/21/2010, rjduberg

Saturday, February 20, 2010

~About Having Fun Before...

On the page there displayed is written the inked sage
his wisdom for us to recreate, shining the lovely spirit
for you to remember and consider in the long of night
I saw a glimpse of the day, before I lost my way, this life,
when my words came so hollow and empty, a nothing.

And I've been searching for decades for what happened
and seeing that power reappear like a friend and say hi...
I'm too busy stalking and hunting now to consider why!
My grip was so short lived, but now holds the memory.

Laughing, the surfer said his purpose was to have fun.
I remember that so well, but I was so lost, awake in hell.
Having forgotten the vibe, how high and tightly forward
never thinking on that nature and how badly blown.

The emptiness is perfect, endless, expanse of eternity.
One places real intent, thought, in there, to manifest.
But who cares about playing with moving stuff there?
When there's more fun in the divine play of sexy surf.

Just the way she loves and is so aware, comprehending
like the world I play in and the natural rhythm I share
what can be found at the bottom underneath everything
is a void of passing, a place of flowing, laughing wind.

2/21/2010, rjduberg

The Gold Aesthetic

I really haven't been so immeresed in issues regarding aesthetic communication for awhile now. It correlates directly with the heat one's evolution is generating in the moment. The quicker the transformational pace or harder, always reflects the temperature.

And the hotter, the clearer aesthetic communications derive miraculously.

Right now anything I do is in the question of whether its being a possible necessitates manifesting accordingly. To express directness in a complete way is validated by this correlation in the proportions.

The evolution of beauty reaches but stays aesthetic in these moments of higher conscious integral functionality, disappearing along with the extant flow of relevant energy. Well until some guy named Sai comes along and without doing anything in particular sucks the wood of the true cross out of the piece of wood he's holding.

I can't think of a clearer way to distinguish a difference of degree in terms of consciousness being focused, one over the other, defining part of the scale quantifying enlightenment.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Letter to the Good Hearted

My concern here is that first you do not appreciate the story you are presenting as truth and your belief in it. When one sees and opens themselves to having a still mind, practicing and developing a clarity regarding it being THE SOURCE of suffering for mankind, this response by you seems disingenous and defensive, an attempt by the ego the reassert its position of dominance/control which in truth is an illusion kept in place by mechanically by our mind and its ignorance.

From this perspective, ALL forms of judgement and dualistic assessment good/bad and the like are useless and extend the ignorance Osho's view dissolves in principle. The issue is whether or not thought controls your sense, and by default, any story regarding the process which is what you are presenting here, is nothing but a form of control. Negative and Positive are merely how the ego escapes responsibility for itself and how it simply has NO ABILITY TO REPRESENT TRUE REALITY.

Then one must ask themselves, is there any value in continuing to pay attention to the veil given the core values of the illusion being all about transcending our suffering and expressing values that represent our harmony there? That's my question to you. I would like you to answer this in all fairness and not cycle another iteration and assertion of your story since it fails to acknowledge anything I've been writing about given my quote from Osho so far.

And giving some slack here in order to accomodate what may simply be your preferred style, understand that I have NOT referred to in anyway how or what is involved in making one's sensation and perception free from the effects of thought as well. Simply given, that state is an accomplishment only the self knows, only the pure wordless expanse of presence remembers. Anything my ego says about it you can be sure is false and a lie. Why? Because the ego can't go there, period.

Everything above appears to be egotistical if simply for the fact that it reports to know what cannot in fact be known only directly sensed in our contact and conscious awareness right now. So, as wonderful and logical and comprehensible as your story goes ... believed and valued it only further pushes a person's true capacity to experience real unconditional love farther away.

My guess is that if not you, someone else reading this is begin confronted by the simple reality that what I'm presenting does not COMPUTE for their ego in the sense that it provides any ground on which their dualistic minds can stand and thus exert itself by thought between reality and the truth which is our self. This is a situation defined by ignorance referred to in Buddhism as the grasping nature of the mind. When we take this as our path in life, paying attention only to what we can and what we cannot grasp, comprehend, understand, etc., we travel misery in karma.

Speaking the truth doesn't change reality however, only one's consciousness can create that possibility. One of these days, I might accidentally come across a procedure or invent the technology to raise that possibility in relation to those who listen to me. I've been horribly deficient and ineffective so far but that has never stopped me from spouting off and addressing this whenever I find someone who is foolish enough to think they know a way to articulate paradise or happiness.

I will eventually point out the flaws of language and its relationship to reality analogous to a menu to food. At some point in one's practice words serve an entirely ancillary role like railroad ties to a train's final destination. You wouldn't place all the ties at the end of the railway would you? The roll of the process is critical for being free and clear of 'ties' other than just those necessary to keep one's movement in the present and optimal.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

~In the Absence that Is Uncertain

In this mystical haze of groundlessness
forgetting oneself serves evil in a relish.
For that realm, physically transcendent
falling asleep at the wheel will still kill
when life is creative instead of existent
any snooze makes presence a descent.

The disiplined transformation of energy.
Divine grace and spiritual development.
Integral philosophy and synchronicities.
Timeless truth or wisdom of the master...
Picks that lay paths never approaching
followed by flocks following the error.

Only when the light of presence dims
do words take on powers over reality.
A thought connects us with memories
that are just as empty yet void of this.
Only words that question can ascend
to question truth for our commitment.

Krishnamurti knew and lived this well
Philosophical treatises rail dichotomy
A good heart grants us our wellspring
connects us to this existence and time
nothing more by itself, shall manifest.
Certainly no heaven, except imagined.

Yes, I have a fist full of earth to throw
at the incredible lack of higher vibe
necessary to believe any fiction real.
Ask yourself about the essence above
and surely no answer, is real silence -
not a pause of between - but eternal.