Tuesday, May 17, 2016

~ On Missing Dad

Miss you Dad,

I know the words, and more
You never had a chance
I daresay to see it coming
time wounding your being
your destiny now cancelled
terribly terrific the existence.

The words just as hollow today.
More time passes, less that's left
to realize how late it feels
in the span of my life, I am
ready to concede the fail
for a life redeemed, or Not.

In your arms, atop your shoulders
your presence clarified by us.
I was the innocent child
As an adult, a lost promise
held memorial to our purpose.

I am alive and willing to witness
the truth of what you promised.
And I would have answers, or not
before my last breath ends this life.

Did you abandon me twice then?

Letting you go by choice is wrong
yet waiting only perpetuates it.
I can bear witness to wisdom
an eye for an eye as necessary
to undo the dark bonds of love.

I suffer doing what I feared done
I abandon my honor to words
you promised to my heart.
Leaving me to wait vainglory
as an abandoned child alone?

The echo of these hollows
sounds alive to a reverbed
vibrato skip box beat
horns get to celebrate
blowing tempest of laughter
as freedom recovers
the missing heart.

Copyright © 5/29/04, Robert James Duberg 
rev 5/2016