Sunday, April 14, 2013

What ENTITLEMENT between people means?

I guess it's no surprise when my first recollection here was a beginning observation regarding how people are unconsciously always viewing and acting in life TO LOOK GOOD. Imagine the permutations on that formula. I don't know that I understand what exactly you meant by superior. IS it his thinking he's superior when he's not, claiming he's superior, acting superior, a superior idiot, LOL - It all seems to reflect our need to LOOK GOOD, by some personal standard mostly a legacy of the culture we grew up in.

But I mean it's one of those things that need an anchor or at least anecdotal reference for them to really work in communicating or relating, for that matter.

Don't forget that in any conflict we have with another, a portion of our commuication is projection, and it is precisely this portion of our communication which is the source of our feeling conflicted at that moment.

The entire story though, if I get you well enough, is what? A displeasure with the way men cope with you as a female? Your drawing a picture which has been drawn over and over throughout time. It does mean anything except that the LINES OF YOUR COMMUNICATION are shewed. The rest your making up about it. The question I think trumps this one is how do these LINES become skewed, which to me seems like a question about a blindness we have or something we're seemingly unaware of.

Given that I don't have a quick answer for that I'll stop here, except to say that one of the LINES that I have found skewing from time to time and at least enough times that the point of lapse became clear to a degree that I can report it fair and succinctly as HUMOR. We often lose our humor, forget about it's value, but basically stop using it when it is really essential to our communication with others being fulfilling, revealing, supporting, encouraging, empowering, and well-received.

I definitely used to take myself a little bit to seriously. It does help to laugh at oneself. If I think of anymore I'll add them...
A place to address one's soul ...

You have to be able to have it, though you often fail to do this. The reason is inner chaos fragmenting your basic integrity as a person. I'm still striving for balance I guess, beginning with some basic alignments. Now there's a hot therapy, re: Alignments.

The central idea would be that balanced moves along with you as your wheel in time goes around, it's position however remaining in the center of the wheel, turning and thus moving along but otherwise staying unchanged along the x,y.

Balance will continue to appear the same at the wheels edge until that day you choose to let this go for something else? Recommend a proactive approach so one doesn't lapse into a culdesac and get stuck.

Stuck is different than having a balance on x,y. Stuck is stuck. LOL

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Order and Chaos

I can only emphasize the importance of one's intent (or wish) in the matter. To the degree that you can be both the wish and what is NOT, is the degree to which you can realize your self as source in life.

Life is a movement and LOL, looking around one can see the chaos of movement everywhere yes? For oneself, this is no different for most, their consciousness is a web of oppositional even diametrically opposed desires, impulses, conditionings, etc.

The most important question in this is then what shall be the organizing principle to all of this? What will be the primary wish behind and around which all other wishes order themselves and organize?

Why put it like this? Well, if you actually look, you may see, for yourself. And, what could be more important than that?

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Where you don't expect to find it

Charisma, you see it most among your friends. An intense form of contact which always appears as a magnetic attraction, based on two positives, exchanging views and ideas about a double negative they are tugging at against each other.

It's the expansion afterwards full of mystery and divine grace, you shift into Heavy Memory Modes. Sounds like a great blog title or band even.

and so on...