Saturday, August 11, 2012

Have you experienced Non-duality?

Any interpretation of experience is not it. Ultimately, to experience non-duality is to create it, but not in the normal sense of naming or constructing. It is create the possibility of being conscious of consciousness, and if one's desire is sincere enough, entering into and being transformed by that space of possibility of being.

To simply be or abide as consciousness is beyond most for a couple of reasons. (1) Any attempt to achieve this state or reach it annilhates the possibility (2) All definitions, linguistic discourse, symbology, recognition, identification … require the use of dichotic thought. Thus, we're speaking of a new kind of desire which transcends the ordinary mind. A desire born from the mind of nothing or no-self. One does not make sense of such a state or desire. One can only desire it.

Non-duality exists where our being simply is what it is (unstated and undifferentiated), and this can be made distinct from duality and language only indirectly by mostly speaking of what is NOT non-duality (basically anything and everything you can point at, in general). However, if you can fathom the endless unfolding process of being in its gross and physical expression and then embrace what the source of that manifest possibility is, you will be getting warm .

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Enlightened Sadness

I think anyone elevated to a point where they're sensitive and capable of verifying the truth, finds a profound sadness to this level of consciousness. It is a consciousness of reality as void - empty and meaningless. People grow up with diverse points of view and beliefs about everything under the sun. Those who enter a spiritual path in order to find the truth will eventually verify it for themselves and annihilate the subjective realm of their minds. Part of this egocentrism from which all subjectivism is expressed, are beliefs associated with happiness, fulfillment, success, entitlement, honor, virtue, hope, even justice. With the fullest conscious verification of reality being void of all that subjectivism, there is this profound loss which is the bell ringing just beyond the veil that they have arrived. What that sadness represents is the point to this level of awareness, which is to totally let go.

Those who succeed in this, transform their ability to verify the truth into a proactive choice. And their verifications become creative manifestations of reality vs. confirmations of the void they sought in their own egocentric subjectivism. This isn't automatic and may require much further work to find and verify the various principles of consciousness leading to further ascending notes in their evolution, but their skill of discernment becomes powerfully critical and subtle in its sensitivity and direct perceptual understanding regarding reality vs what is ordinarily a function of imagination and belief.