Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Voice Holy

The voice is never holy is it?
Lying about hearing god ...
So sad my reason, and I
Without divine counsel.
For god suffers not me
Nor anything it seems.
Being the transcendent
Completion, and perfect.

The voice speaks just lies
projecting our deep need
smart but stupid to believe
adaptation is not accidental
for an unrecognized god realm
stage where all shadows halo
can be found on christian brow.

Could faith be reasonable?
If in fact a perfect being was
possible, the best argument
is based in design of nature
as source and possible creator.
Those who live in faith speak
with impunity to those awake.

Don't think my rebellion runs
easily amuck, my opposition
protesting ugly pretense of faith
is with respect to the big risk
with what seems far more real
and natural, reflected as clear
rule of mind to compute facts.

In the end, death gets last word
regarding the question we face
whether death is a real lie or not.
But faith isn’t close as an answer
And, why would it be necessary?
And how would it change things?
No, death is death, faithful or rot.

© 2004, RJDuberg

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Difference of One

Imperial Beach Sky Fire
 "The true basis of religion is not belief, but intuitive experience. Intuition is the soul’s power of knowing God. To know what religion is really all about, one must know God."

And yet, all one has to do is but briefly introduce themselves again to whatever religion, (they all suffer those who believe) to verify that the basis of religion at present is belief. Intuitively, I agree without a doubt that all religious beliefs came after the fact, and in a manner of speaking represent the extent and limit man's mind has come to know in relationship to language. The process of cognition is mechanical which processes language and seeks to understand meaning through interpretation.

Ask yourself if there aren't higher and more evolved methods and ways to reach a speakers genuine meaning in his language and speaking? I say it is this intellectual process which follows listening that constructs belief, on an unconscious level, the level of that's just the way it is. If a person is not awakened to this FACT as well as empowered to develop a more robust and higher dimensional heuristic, any effort or talk of change for such a person is destined to be unrealized.

If we understand belief as representative of a mind which has not gone beyond a focus of BEING RIGHT, this shift in perspective alone will pull back the drapes enough that the real work can begin. From that point, one's mind is not operating strictly from the place of verifying by mental cross referencing backwards into the past across the matrix of mental constructs which are collectively NOT HIS but echoes and copies of ideas he's heard from someone else.

The difficulty in evolving one's consciousness here has to do with this cognition's automatic operation combined with men's identification with this noise of the mind. It has been my experience that intrinsic to the shift away from this state is the way the silence of a still mind begins to prevail as the dominant feature in one's conscious awareness. Alone with this is a transformation in one's self expression which shifts from being associative and mechanical to being a meditation in which one's words have a conscious emotional intent in which simultaneous to speaking there exists extra attention which focuses on the listening taking place. In that mix, the metric of simply being right or correct no longer covers the scale of meaning possible.

Celebration and presence, authentic being and intimate satisfaction, and one's higher self and function are found in that higher conscious state. One other important characteristic of this shift from ordinary consciousness to higher consciousness has to do with the emergence of a holistic and self-realized sense of being, one in which the person begins to consider themselves as Source of their experience fully responsible, and along with that a true integrity without which this higher state would collapse with our going back to sleep rendering us falling to an even lower state than where we were at before.

I have always felt betrayed by religion, especially Christianity. I mean you have to ask yourself if Christ was in fact an expression of the Absolute's supreme intelligence, why this issue regarding belief wasn't addressed with more eloquence and articulation. He didn't and it wasn't something that became part of the cannon, leaving the possibility of faith leading those with sufficient capacity for evolving higher consciousness in the dust, abandoned to be forgotten on history's waste heap. Surely, a truly enlightened master would have addressed this inevitability as part of his teaching. The fact that he did not, itself lends itself to view religion as indefensible in the sense of it's intuitive basis in the beginning being incomplete and hardly the divine revelation we're given to believe.