Saturday, November 21, 2009

~Little Condensates

Condensing all this is my mission
a ball inbetween golf and baseball
which expands on the move
like a basketball, with a heart.

Memories threading into infinity
this is where I find the challenge
love cannot be lost without cost
remembering to be with just this.

My guru Kwan Yin is that this
before I knew, her imaged shine
a gift to hang on my own wall
along with the courage to love.

Such fine impressions, convince
sharing them with the world now
is the one true meaning not yet
What if I'm wrong, will I survive.

So much ado about nothing that
my contribution would be clutter
so I write verse in a condensate
poem after poem with one taste.

Like Rumi's merry-go-round scene
many of these moments pass by
between the synchronous animals
like albino elephants you can't miss.

Will you decide to end this ride
by giving your highest values away?
If it even makes any sense to you
how abundance is made a paradox?

rjd, 11/2009

Saturday, November 07, 2009

~Where you go Rumi

When the light arrived, like the dawn, today; I was consciously simplified and simplifying, kind of like laughter feels, but the process was of mind. And this moment of awakening revealed a stunning metaphoric view to what has been a vein of lifelong suffering for me.

When I go there, and I've been there for sorrow, I am honoring love lost. Only in today's light did I see that love doesn't honor that place. I was there with the irrational hope, obsessed with the ongoing last glows from love's departure, that love might have mercy on me and come back. be continued