Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Saying it without saying it

Saying it without saying it

One example of this would be the state of breathlessness associated with part of my experience with wise and beautiful women. There's no saying that only breathing it.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Struggle of Ascension

Wrestling with an Angel
I love this painting by Rembrandt. I often feel this way and the knowledge that others do as well and that this may not be due to my defective self is something of a validation.

What though is this impulse to resist higher law and conscious influence? I struggle with it even as I am fully aware of its divinity and authority.

This struggle is nothing more than my egoism asserting itself before existence itself, even when it doesn't exist itself.

We would do well to invent a more illuminating narrative in our psychology, one which doesn't make things or conjure things up to explain the very conflicted and chaotic impulses and behavior which men and women express.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Ramblin' Rosie Mom

How often does your feeling resemble a tornado? In the positive sense of being swept up in a revolving twirling wind of information. Part of this dynamic flux has to do with realizing the only thing preventing us from anything in life is a negative belief. Letting someone declare it for you is another lame way as well. I should say rather that having any negative energy in opposition to your desire around is the quickest sabatoge I know of and the easiest way to not fulfill your desire.

Lately, I guess I've been feeling a lot better because I've seen a lot of shift in my attitude. I know I'm feeling good if I become absorbed in revelerie about a long ago left behind coming of age. Such indelible moments and memories, the happiest I've ever been, even though I was totally ignorant of who I really was.

Alright then, Gestalt Theory won the day again. Fritz Perls was its founder and it continues to be a key piece of knowlege shared between many different disiplines.

Until one begins to perceive silence as the most powerful communication of all, they will not have the ability to see enough to know they're in trouble. Knowing, or getting in touch with as some now say something truthfully doesn't change anything. And the usual ordinary way we exercise our will towards some specific ends is ass backwards and false anyhow.

There is a real solid gold nugget to be found in this process dig, which is when you can divide your attention between the material world and conscious energetic world. If you do that, I don't think there is anything else as powerful for producing a breakthrough into higher consciousness.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Will Power

In order to go with gusto
where the power of will, will
make a difference now
One has to remember
to set the polarity for all
both the blind and seeing
From the material need
one includes the negation
and along with that, arises
the opposite, and a snickers.

The one thing will will not
yet, in respect to chocolate
caramel bite sized candy
called Risens ~ yum yum.

2013 rj