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The Wiggle of Higher Mind

Finished up with Mr. John Abe's philosophical dump of sophistry. Boy's got massive visually artistic talent which he is applying to something I get the impression he is being led to do by some very powerful etheric agents which I'm afraid don't have a clue about what they're doing. Of course, my standards nearly always fail anyone's attempts to articulate their "own" truth. Two other "sages"  I ran across yesterday online with their vids blah blah blah, sounding all Advaita and nondualistic like, were such crap.

There is a bit of a litmus test to discerning the strength of a speaker's message intellectually, but it's necessary to create a space for this discernment using one's emotionality or whole body felt attention, one's feeling sense. With this intuitive, most sensitive and quickest apparatus or function that we have for sensing our conscious world, the idea I'm talking here has to do with quickly PINGING the speaker's Point of View. This is in many ways analogous to sonar in the sense of our feeling a certain factor to the energy of intellect and thought being expressed. I organize the spectrum along a polarity range from Frozen to fluidly flexible. And place the zenith point for strength somewhere nearer fluid but not too far from the mean, always dependent on context obviously which will determine margins and offsets within my analogy. The idea again, has to do with having the feeling that the speaker is presenting possibility of wiggle room in their articulation such that they clearly understand that interpretations in language ALWAYS involve some margin of error, bias, and blur of attention.

Does this make sense? Because, until you can feel just how the speaker is themselves relevant to their knowledge it won't make any sense. Let me give you an example on how this shows up. If I consider myself relevant as a open possibility and ongoing and in process, with a clearly established fluidity to my boundaries in my self image and beliefs then my account of my knowledge in language is going to reflect a conscious determination of where I stand in relation to my ideas in the present, not mechanically but because the act of remembering and SEEING knowledge from its best view from the present is a sure antidote to the dangers associated to dogma and the closed mindedness that dogma represents.

So how does this work, well as I have studied and observed the process in myself, I have seen an increasing willingness to test my knowledge for wiggle room, not from the position of discerning strength of intellect in terms of relevance per se but so as to double down on my previous extensions freed from any fear of archaic dualistic thinking such as being right or getting it right. the Greater the wiggle I can include without losing the context or knowledge gestalt, my experience is the greater the fun factor and the power of my presence to stand as presence due to my knowledge having a field of possibility instead of a point of view or contention.  This sets up the possibility of launching into the relationship between being present and integral thought in higher levels of consciousness, and I would essay on that note in order to explore what I can right now in the relationship between non-duality and presence but I think enough pontification has been done for one night and I will close with the simple reiteration that KNOWING non-duality supports and allows being present in the now in oneself IS A VERSION of my knowledge with almost zero wiggle room.

If you can feel that FROZEN, SET, STATIC QUALITY to the statement versus all the rest of my statements in general then you are getting some feel for what I'm intending you to get, which would make me very happy indeed. I will await your comment on that at your pleasure.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fourth Way Essay: Going Beyond Higher Consciousness

Going Beyond Events of Higher Consciousness

For the longest time my mood has been depressed and my response was just to sleep. But the truth is that there is a higher level of conscious humanity existing in non-physical realms that spend their EFFORTS on such opportunities, we as evolving newbies with respect to spirit, give them. There is a truly paradoxical character to this connection and flow that we have in us to create with higher consciousness. I almost hesitate to say it because of its simplicity, however; the truth (when dislodged from any finite loci, center, or nexus even) freed from bias and position does in fact account for everyone, unifying the essence of men at least in theory, although language still fails to communicate that unity properly. Thus the residual discord when Christ says, "Except that you accept me as the way, you will not step one foot into  heaven."  (paraphrasing his remark there...)

Unless one can separate that truth from the man, the finite shell now returned to dust, such statements are statistically I think bound to annoy most (except of course for those who "believe") intelligent people. But consider what his way was essentially, what his attention focused on ESSENTIALLY, where he came from ESSENTIALLY, which was interiorly/inward/into his conscious being. The external/outward appearance which everyone pays attention to in life, is a dead end and where most come from, their "sense of I" fabricated and identified to circumstances present arbitrarily in relationship to them via the external world, physical world. Part of the Fourth Way Teaches this very important point as a key to evolving one's being. Conscious influence or help from conscious humanity for one's evolution must be understood to come from within. What happens in the external physical world which we label as synchronicities, unfathomable convergences and miraculous manifestations, are all created by our own being in the world. Such events, as they more or less may be called supernormal by us personally are actually reflections of higher influence at work in our own being and finally finding their way into the physical world on spiritual levels within the this realm, such as harmonics in energy fields and flows, synchronicities, symbology, archetype, etc.

There is an easy mistake to make right here by once again pushing our egoistic I of self-importance forward in understanding such miraculous events that at least for me have taken place throughout my life (both even and mistake to be sure), like the first time I had the Lord's prayer explained to me for its esoteric meaning and how that meaning directly reflected the fourth Way's Work in its being a daily reminder of my relationship to higher influence. In the days following my introduction to this esoteric side of the Lord's Prayer I was playing golf when I decided upon confronting an 80 foot chip shot to the hole from just off the green to say the Lord's Prayer knowing and understanding in the living active context of my fourth way Work, the golf shot to be a reflection of that Work in terms of aim and hitting the Mark, etc. After my recital silently and inwardly, I proceeded to chip in my shot which had such a high probability of not going in as to be close to the odds of winning the Lotto, but in association to my recital and attention, one can only marvel at the POWER of higher influence when out pops manifestations as miraculous as the one I've just described. And for a man to heal others as Christ did, by simply saying, You're healed! With a report following, that recorded the person in fact healed (at least so far as we believe the Bible to be accurate, however that's problematic at best). The truth of his spiritual power was NOT in how he said it, or how virtuous or skilled he was, or how sincere and loving and intentional ... his power was his attention permanently planted inwardly and aimed at higher consciousness to the point of being one with that infinite source which I think it is fair to say CREATED all that exists. That shift and transformation of one's attention which has been habituated to the physical sensorium is precisely what is most key to the Work of the Fourth Way, called Self-Remembering.

Now the truth of that is so simple I dare not repeat it again. It's no more complicated than being transparently focused inwardly with our essence and attention at the same time that the external world continues to flow through our lower centers of function. This is the Work, struggling to stay awake and exercise our conscious choice and will to raise our level of consciousness, this way of being.

May you have the One Taste which imbued with grace and divine light is now familiar to you so that you can always recover and return to the one true spirit which is your creator 8-)

There's a deeper layer that I think deserves some further exposition - on having to do with moment to moment flows in attention and that with respect to the external world how it is in our interest with respect to the descending octave of higher conscious C influence as it flows through humanity devolving materially into B influence commonly regarded as higher forms of art, literature, science, philosophy, etc., that can due with some greater elucidation here with emphasis on how to use this aspect of the external world to support and help cultivate higher energies within us. As we take in these higher impressions around us, the basic impact of such physical manifestations or artifacts to those with enough understanding to benefit or raise their energy by attending to such physical impressions is critical. It is right here as we confront the struggle inwardly that certain keys to the Fourth Way can be verified, such as centers of function and the multitude of "I"s, some of which want nothing to do with higher truth and simply want to "turn" or "play." This use of 'play' is however in distinct opposition to more creative notions of "play," of which I am not referring to. Play here is associated with recordings of internal memory which we to some extent more or less in our unconsciousness identify with and play over and over, without choice, out of complete mechanical habit, due to our attention being imprisoned there through identification and false personality.

However, the benefit that comes from even the slimmest conscious attention given to B influence in the world is the experience of a shock to our being. Such moments of attention return us to an interior space of presence, consciousness in moment (attending to this requires an effort of will and intention and the moment we stop giving this special inward attention, this level of consciousness of our being vanishes). There is some degree in that moment of feeling our presence including higher functions, speed, and cognitive power, which is a NON-SELF Field of presence, that responds to the power of our will to intend and attend inwardly. All to quickly, all of us fall asleep to this possibility and our attention returns to external stimuli which is processed mechanically, registers in our memory mechanically, and so on and so forth. Understanding this slope outward and how to keep from being taken away by it into a slide back into rational materialism and subjectivity, self-delusion, etc., is one of the biggest 'battle-fronts' for me in my Work at present.

In conclusion, succeeding to create this inward connection and attention on higher consciousness can only happen by annilhating lower identifications and the attention and energy those identifications link and anchor in the physical external world. The closer and more conscious we become of consciousness itself, consciousness which comes from the original source of ALL that is, will continue helping our evolution by providing clear insight into that Source's Will, our evolution at this point traverses a scale from self-will to doing the will of the ALL, whatever that means. The idea that one's integrity, to the extent that it is committed to evolving consciousness and love for that Will, is our only tenuous hold on ascending in our efforts impresses me as troublesome only insofar as I continue to identify with lower "I"s with no sense or interest in higher truth and possibility in life. All that said, however, the main dictum which remains in force and relevant as asserted in the Fourth Way is never believe anything but verify the truth and relevance of all that one hears or is told.

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Playing a little with Photoshop Masks

Today was just having fun with Photoshop, waiting for some calls, and just chiilin, enjoying the evolution!

Next Best Thing

If you have never watched the Rachel Maddow show, I highly recommend it, especially for the left. Her show is a political editorial comment/interview hour that leans left, but without distortion and with her delightful feminine presentation, butch as it is. A very intelligent and nice lady, who on top of everything else has modeled some segments after John Stewart's show like his Moment of Zen. Her moment is The Next Best Thing. Today I was watching her show when a couple things got my attention, one a definite and the other due to my ignorance already 200 years old but still cool. kerfuffle is the first one. A noisy commotion has been described using this word at least times in the media already today. Takes a lot of the threat out of the noise for me anyway. The other thing is Gum, a kind that changes flavors mid-chew. How cool is that?

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Created Means

In one sense Art is the gift and blessing we have as humans to live a life constantly subject to termination and forfeit. The very question regarding just how much Art has changed the world, if it ever has goes to the heart of this matter. Let's say it did, let's say something created today ended all forms of sexual assault. Now, I can't think of a more heinous crime with perhaps the greatest number in favor for its elimination from human behavior, better yet let's just end all wars with the opening exhibition of my latest painting. Now that the world has changed, now what? LOL Do you see the load of sand concealed in this question? People really ought be more skillful in their participation and stop asking questions which have nothing meaningful to offer except to fill someone's need for interactive noise I guess.

But to finish this argument in obliteration of the illusion IE the implied value of Art's relevance to our World and more importantly what is not working in our world and needs fixing through positive change. In one sense, I have just handed you the real answer you were looking for. I don't know why you had to make art part of the equation for positive progress with respect to chronic conditions which degrade our happiness in some way. But whatever , the theme is Art, an antidote for life living in this world? OR, a narcisstic self-indulgent diversion and distraction from our paying attention more seriously and effectively to this world and those breakdowns with continue to impact us? 

That really seems to be the undisclosed moral issue at work here for the questioner. As long as he thinks of this dualistically, I doubt any formulation of his inquiry will be capable of producing much more interest in me except to close my answer by suggesting everyone to consider just what a remedied world moment would be like as an invitation to move forward minus the call for heroes and what not.

For me, I don't see Art changing or our relationship to it changing, which is to say that Art functions for us as an end in itself NOT as a tool which by virtue of its originality would suggest for itself to be considered whenever progress comes to a standstill or stagnant conditions begin to accumulate. But this opens a whole different can of worms I think. As an end in itself, providing us with a record of aesthetic value we can consume in the future and to some extent relive and recapture the original bounty in terms of new energy Art often creates in the viewers, I see Art as a really cool icon of creativity and its intensity, capacity to create joy and fun, and also its depth from which true originality springs every once in a while.

It's man's primary internal playground of the highest aspirations and most gifted souls. In that space of dynamic play, man connects with a vibrational level in the cosmos which echoes true freedom I think. Along with everything I've said then there is one moral imperative I'd close this essay with which is an admonishment to all to ALLWAYS do the very best work they can and then push that at least one degree every time you think of it. Why?

By being devoted to Giving, from the creative paradigm, everything you have on all levels, IMHO it aligns our consciousness of flow and the karmic links attached there closer to the religious leader's notions regarding prosperity - the reaping of what you sow, without need or even capacity at times to explain positive results which accrue out of that space (where miracles and magic happen). For sure, one thing ought to be understandable enough and that is that if the choice is a conscious one, making one's metaphysics tightly relevant to the sociopolitical dimension of life (at least for those who truly want to make a difference on that level) could very possibly be the worst thing you could do. When Art itself, given a person's abundant attention and then some, IS whatever antidote one might conceive of being needed for our evolution. AT LEAST on the level of source and possibility, it ONLY reconciles and transforms when the artist's aim remains giving and not exploitive, for this unconditioned offering is necessary for the artifact's beauty. An artifact opens the viewers ability to imagine possibility for themselves beyond and in ways divine and unseen. Mostly we just experience the greater love inflowing through our consciousness, and in that sense a viewer's experience is unified to the artist and his being in life is validated as having some aspect of perfect value, confirmed, realized, created.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Defining Powerful Art...

QuestionerDoes the most powerful art come from adversity or equally from pain and pleasure?

Define 'powerful' first maybe?  There are so many different discrete volume settings associated with an artist's dynamic range of inputs blended more or less skillfully in an artifact.  Notions like adversity combined with pleasure and pain doesn't help this innocuous probe into artistic value. Especially given how these ideas are more indicative of the tactile sense (though adversity implies a psychological conflict).

Isn't that real seat of where Art begins to manifest as a process in man which culminates in the final artifiact created?  The level to start this inquiry in where Art's primal beginnings originate creativity obviously must be where free will and imagination interact the most dynamically and free, somehwere more or less pragmatic or not. The essential neuropathway forms the foundation for the cognitive engine from which art may be properly considered to have as its source. There are of course old models regarding creativity which juxtapose it against states of blissful serenity beginning with the friction and heat generated by opposites sexually and through sublimating that adversity instead of transforming it with love into ecstacy, creativity has historically been seen to get its POWER or potency of effect.

But please know my response is based on more conjecture than it is on having any confidence that I in fact am spot on with respect to the questioner's true search? I mean with all due respect the right answer for this particular question ought to be about the hierarchy of details, each serving its own purpose and yet the entire gestalt arbitrarily conceived of within the artist's mind defines powers of originality. Powerful art is the successful reconciliation of dualism by the artist in his own cognition and with precision translated and expressed formally and materially in the world in which the typical adversity present in dichotomies is resolved in an integirty, call it what you wish by difference of perspective it matters not except that all verify the existence of beauty as the common denominator forming the essence of that integrity.

Thus the essence of  beauty has ore to do with a certain balanced structure to relationship which thus gives rise to the old  adage that it is in the eye of the beholder.

Congressional Insanity

I could talk about it but I'd rather show you a beautiful photo I found today.