Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Finding a Faith not Easy

 Dante Gabriel Rossetti

If one is pressed hard, 
it is so that one may find faith and become free. 
Our pasts are full of weak places, evasions, dishonesties, 
that we thought were buried and forgotten. 
But they have to come out. Sometimes it is very bitter. 
Now with this strong influence that is shining on us, 
all the flaws are appearing. Nothing can be hidden any more. 
Because everything has to be firm and solid under our work. 
So when we are hard-pressed, 
struggling with the consequences of the past, 
it is really proof that our work is strong and right. 
It means that we are being given a chance to go faster. 
If all the consequences of the past come to the surface 
it is so that we may face them 
and become free of them once and for all. 
And under great pressure 
one may find a faith one would never need at ease. 

~Rodney Collin 
The Theory of Conscious Harmony


Can you stand in the fire and take the heat?

Sustainable design can be defined as appropriate participation in natural process; and appropriateness should be judged by the extent to which a certain design maintains the overall dynamic stability, resilience, flexibility, adaptability, or health of the system as a whole.  - Dr. Daniel Christian Wahl,

Quantum Computing - Building a machine like us…
- Machine feels like an alter to a deity.
- 2 mutually exclusive states at the same time available in quantum computing
- Cubits a point of nexus where two parallel universes connect
- Moore’s law, every year the number of cubits doubles
- increase of speed is beyond belief, orders of magnitudes.

Predictions - 3  - dangerous
- silicone valley unease regarding technological advancements.  Our talent is to immersed in building crap, stuff that is not important.
- 1st:  Within 5 years NASA will find Earth II, one of the QC machines will bear used to get there
- 2nd:  Gravitational Lensing
- 3rd: Humanity is on the cusp of the most important technological revolution to occur, the point where the machines will out pace us in every respect. (15 years)

Having a Happy Connected Life
- prevents addiction
- addiction is an adaptation to your environment
- Having purpose, bonds, relationsbips extends prevention
- The opposite of addiction is connection

"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced." - by Soren Kierkegaard

Monday, May 08, 2017

A Better Perspective on Anger ~ DRAFT

Easily the best perspective to begin working on Anger. The way I see it ... until we come to a place inside where I choose whether I'm angry or not and enthusiastically enjoy that choice; in the meantime, I have found by not expressing it but rather re-channeling it into a positive and productive form is key. In order to tilt that playing field in my direction, I remind myself at every opportunity that my best performances include a significant percentage in which I was angry and found a way to use that level of energy to achieve something positive. Those possibilities are limited without a doubt, but isn't that the point? Maybe by doing this prelim step, there will be things you didn't notice before and which are far more important to you?