Monday, April 02, 2012

On the Flip Side...

What I can tell you is that considering others as in externally to oneself, continues to be a key not only in the Fourth Way but in my own reflection on its personal effects for me ripened over a long period of time. While it is not always at the forefront of my conscious awareness ... I'm so tired of the prescription ... proscription prescription whatever. All I'm saying always depends on and leans against what I don't say. It's the zen koan all over again. If Kutschner plays Steve Jobs in a film being talked about now about Jobs life ... even more off the hook is my medical view right now OR what precedes illness is sometimes just as sick or worse. This factor which is impacting my daily life in a big way doesn't hurt at all for it perhaps being one of the biggest downsides of life as I see. That and sleeping too long or otherwise blocking your girlfriend's own nap time.

I rediscovered the joy of higher consciousenss. It too has a downside, besides the progressive sorrow for risks that cannot be avoided but which have a high probability of changing life's vectors in a significant way. This happens in combination though, with positive upticks multi-dimentsionally.

I'm thinking Apple is in error with its Macbook Pro's ergonomics - Specifically, the edge that feels more like a dull blade against my hands and wrists. It is near the top of vulnerable postures and stress points on my body which if active too long always bark loudly when its time for me to shift my POV.

This User Interace could stand multiple upgrades, and ...

All I'm saying is ... stop the shooting on public ground putting civilians at big risk.

I cannot seem to wake up today. I soooo want to go back to bed. It's been like that all day.

Bringing Forth one's life is never going to be easy, though because the will wavers through time, how you create a perspective about that involes the idea of higher order functioning in defining who and what a human being is and means. Why is that important? You'd be amazed how rare our perspectives even have this minor level of function articulated in them.

The main point is how to remember the polarization in the flow. The flow in general represents both sides of the spectrum and because the zero point is always moving the limit rises to the surface connecting the discrete series into one sequence. Sometimes the bear eats you, and sometimes you eat the bear.

My questions always become painful when i write, why is that? Despite that pain, I still love to write as well as how it makes me feel as a consequence extending a ways into the future, usually, as well.