Sunday, January 01, 2017

Request from TNM for help, comment on modern expression of being single ....

Anyone having or better yet (had, past tense) trouble asking for help. And, I mean for even the smallest pettiest needs, that my ESRF is constantly pulling me away from. I would really appreciate it if there are any clean methods (vs consumeristic versions with their shiny packaging, meaning nothing substantive) for dealing inwardly with one's self about this impossible condition I"ve habituated myself to my entire life?

I saw an ad here the other day for a workshop on learning how to sell and teach what one's current lifestyle is, in a word monetizing one's recordable wake through life. I basically threw up in my mouth almost ... insanity.

A new update to my lexicon of common parlance in thish day an age ... being single is now being referred to as ethically non-monogamous. The illusion of separation is officially coming off my collective experience in life with others. Look to Karyn Amore for this inspired self-expression which is just the beginning to her beauity and grace, intelligence and wisdom. Celebrate her message and its skyrocketing frequency. Cheers, rj

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