Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Finding a Faith not Easy

 Dante Gabriel Rossetti

If one is pressed hard, 
it is so that one may find faith and become free. 
Our pasts are full of weak places, evasions, dishonesties, 
that we thought were buried and forgotten. 
But they have to come out. Sometimes it is very bitter. 
Now with this strong influence that is shining on us, 
all the flaws are appearing. Nothing can be hidden any more. 
Because everything has to be firm and solid under our work. 
So when we are hard-pressed, 
struggling with the consequences of the past, 
it is really proof that our work is strong and right. 
It means that we are being given a chance to go faster. 
If all the consequences of the past come to the surface 
it is so that we may face them 
and become free of them once and for all. 
And under great pressure 
one may find a faith one would never need at ease. 

~Rodney Collin 
The Theory of Conscious Harmony